Production Process & Custom Work

Centropak is a food container factory with more than 30 years of experience. The factory has passed ISO 22000-2005 certification and is based on years of experience. Our customer base is distributed to major food manufacturers around the world.

Production Process & Custom Work

Centropak Plastic Container Production Process

Centropak Plastic Container Production Process
Centropak Plastic Container Factory Custom Process

Centropak has been established for many years and has considerable experience in the use of products and the mastery of material properties. It will design and produce products that are closest to customers according to customer needs and requirements.

1. Customer Demand: Analyze product demand, shape (square, round or other), size, content weight, material requirements, use (lining, sealing), post-processing requirements (microwave, frozen, steamed, After sterilization).

2. Quote: According to the analysis results, the selected materials (PP, PET or other), product processing methods (pressure forming or injection molding), and quotation.

3. Layout: Provide design drawings for customers to discuss, and then make final corrections.

4. Sample Mold Making: The sample mold is the same as the formal mold, except that the sample mold is only made by single mold. The formal mold may be digital or tens of molds. In order to avoid the need for modification, only one sample is made.

5. Proofing: Make samples for customers to discuss the test and adjust to the state expected by the customer.

6. Molding Making: After the customer approves, the formal mold is made, and at the same time, the material preparation can be made to shorten the time required for the trial production process.

7. Produce: Arrange the production of leather and the mass production of the official mold.

8. Delivery: Arrange for the delivery of a specific car or general logistics vehicle.

9. Closing Case: Record the customer's usage status after shipment as the basis for adjustment of the next production.

Production Process
Centropak plastic container Production Process

From the flow chart point of view, most of the process of the production of pressure forming and injection molding is the same, the pressure forming is more than the extrusion of the leather, and the forming process has different processes.

● Pressure Forming
1. Plastic Pellets: According to the product requirements, select suitable plastic pellets, and increase the auxiliary formula according to the customer demand, and the materials must meet the food-related regulations.

2. Mixing Material: Put the plastic granules and the auxiliary formula into the mixer and mix well, depending on the characteristics of the raw materials to determine whether it is dry or not.

3. Roll Extrusion: According to the product requirements, the leather of the required thickness and width can be made.

4. Vacuum Forming: Set the leather and mold to the molding machine, set the appropriate temperature, pressure, vacuum, cooling and other machine parameters to produce a whole semi-finished product, through the cutting, edge separation, stacking and other actions to complete the finished product.

5. Packing: Put into the appropriate carton, the product must be packed in the inner bag, the product will not directly touch the carton, and the carton will be sealed in "H" shape, and all the gaps on the carton will be sealed to prevent foreign matter from invading.

6. Storage: Label the product outside the carton, mark the date of manufacture, and store it in the appropriate location.

7. Deliver the Goods: Arrange for the delivery of a specific car or general logistics vehicle.

● Injection Molding
1. Molding: After the plastic pellets are melted, they are injected into the mold, and the finished product is completed through the operations of mold opening, injection, pressure keeping, cooling, and mold opening. If it is an in-film labeling product, there are more processes such as labeling.

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